Varese Auto Moto Storiche – VAMS Automotoclub Storico Italiano – ASI associated club since 2007

Ten points of excellence: we are waiting for your contact to share our passions for cars, motorcycles, boats, airplanes and all others historic vehicles.

Your passion for historic motoring

  1. VAMS Club has been founded in 1989 to respond to the requests of collectors of historic cars and motorcycles and to share the passion for vehicle restoration and conservation, organizing competitive events and historical meetings to promote tourist-cultural excellences of the Varese area.
  2. Since 2007, Vams Club has been associaced to ASI, having specialized Technical Commissioners for historic cars, motorcycles, civilian and military vehicle, boats etc to assist its enthusiastic members in obtaining historic certificates for at least twenty years old vehicles.
  3. ASI, as per art.60 of the Laws, is the certifying entity recognized by the Italian Amministration to certify the historicity of the over twenty years old motor vehicles, enhancing their cultural, artistic and social aspects.
  4. If your car or motorcycle is between 20 to 30 years old you can achive the Certificate of Historical and Collectible Relevance issued by ASI thanks to VAMS Technical Commissioners, savings in the cost of the road tax, getting strong insurance discounts and authorization to circulate in derogation of traffic blocks due to pollution.
  5. Enter into the ASI world and contact the VAMS club so you can choose among three types of ASI cards: BASE, IN, FULL.With two of them and a modest expense, you can take advantage of Europe Assistant insurance for the free transport of your historic vehicle in case of any failure.
  6. The VAMS Club technical commissioners are available to assist for getting the issue of the following Italian certifications:Certificato di Rilevanza Storica, Certificato d’Identità (also named Targa Oro – Golden Plate)in addition to evaluation of vintage vehicles and guide you towards the best restoration of your historic vehicle.
  7. By becoming a VAMS – ASI member, you will be able to take advantage of many conventions, with discounts for you and your family members to buy cars and motorcycles in addition to receive the historic motoring magazine LA MANOVELLA for free at your home.
  8. The VAMS Club organizes events, rallies, timing courses, guided tours for historic cars and motorcycles to discover the cultural and artistic treasures of the area comprising gourmet tastings and makes available to its members a well-stocked library with thousands books, magazines and monographs of the most important brands.
  9. Among the most prestigious events, VAMS organizes Coppa dei Tre Laghi and Varese-Campo dei Fiori for historic cars, Six Days of Varese for historic motorbikes, ‘Guidando l’Arte’ dedicated to historic aircooled Porsche, ‘Mitiche in Piazza’ a monthly historical meeting open to all the historical cars and bikes enthusiasts  and ‘Mangiamiglia’ an historical itinerary suitable for a good taste.
  10. Would you like to restore your car, motorbike or camper but do you need professional advice for bodywork, mechanics and to find the related spare parts? Would you like to sell or to buy a historic vehicle but don’t want to be cheated? Ask for help of the Vams experts.



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tel. (+39) 0332 24 25 24 – appointment booking call: mobile (+39) 350 90 29 591

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Monday, 9 pm-11pm (front desk and technical commissioners for cars, motorcycles and other vehicles) – Wednesday, 10-12 (front desk) and 14.30-18 (front desk and car technical commissioners) – Saturday, 9-11 am (front desk and car technical commissioners).


Tel. (+39) 350 90 29 591

call on Monday 9-11 pm; Tuesday 2.30pm-6pm; Wednesday 2.30pm-6pm; Saturday 9-11.